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Benefits of our Juice Cleanses
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Why Juice Cleanse
A Juice cleanse is the most natural and organic method of detoxifying and healing the body. Juice cleanses allow your digestive system to recover from the demands of solid food digestion, while still giving your body the nutrients and minerals you need to thrive, It rejuvenates the body mentally and physically. A juice cleanse can be as simple and quick as replacing one meal with a juice tailored specifically for a specific goal ores long as our 3 day program.
Our body easily absorbs the calories in raw live juice, whereas more than half of the calories consumed in our regular diets are unusable or stored as fat, Cleansing resets healthy eating patterns to help curb cravings and overeating.
What's in Our Cleanse
We have created a blend of juices, teas and elixirs to specifically aid your body in detoxing safely and effectively. We deliver fresh pressed juices to your doorstep each morning of the cleanse program to ensure optimum vitamin and mineral content. Freshly brewed teas and healing elixirs such as fresh young coconut water, aloe juice, potassium broth and probiotics are incorporated as essential elements in the cleansing process.
Why So Many Components
Each component of our cleanse serves a purpose.
Aloe aids indigestion, relieves constipation, and calms the digestive system. It helps to regulate blood sugars, reduces inflammation in the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system and helps in healing damage to internal tissue.
Potassium broth is powerful source of energy that removes unwanted toxins, poisons and salts from the body while simultaneously providing the high doses of vitamins and minerals you need while fasting. It neutralizes built up acids within the body. Potassium is important for a healthy nervous system and regular heartbeat. It works with sodium to control the body's water balance and regulates the transfer of nutrients through the cell membranes, which is why we add a tiny amount of Braggs Amino acids to the broth.
Coconut water regulates body temperature and balances ph levels. It rehydrates and is a natural diuretic. It has high levels of potassium and almost no fat. It helps relieve stomach pain and indigestion.
Probiotics, when translated literally, means "for life," They are essential for a healthy diet. They alleviate many common digestive problems, aid in the prevention of disease and promote overall well being.
When to Cleanse
It is important to cleanse regularly, We like to do a longer cleanse once a quarter, and do shorter cleanses on a regular basis to reset and recharge the entire body. These days our lives are busier than ever, leading us further away from optimum nutrition one meal at a time.
Why Glass
While many people love our glass bottles a few have asked why we don't have a more lightweight travel-friendly alternative. We are working on finding something but truth be told, plastic is plastic no matter how you slice it and its rival, the biodegradable product PLA takes a large amount of energy to produce. We find that glass is the number one choice when striving to be the most environmentally friendly.