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Benefits of our Juice Cleanses
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Juice Cleanse
An emerging method of attaining mental and physical balance, the juice cleanse helps clear the body of toxins while filling it with important nutrients. Additionally, many have found the process of the juice cleanse helpful in efforts to quit smoking, caffeine consumption, drinking etc.
Some benefits of the juice fast include
  • heightened mental awareness and focus
  • increased energy
  • weight loss
  • healthier body- inside and out
Each day includes 5 cleansing juices as a package in 16 ounce mason jars. It is important that you drink a lot of water while on the cleanse. Please provide 24 hours notice. Juice is cold pressed on a Norwalk juicer to maintain up to 50% more nutrients in the cleanses. Consult your physician before making dramatic changes in your diet.
Balance Yourself : 1 day …50.00
Nourish Your Kidney : 2 day … 95.00
Love your Liver : 3 day … 135.00
Spice Your Life : 5 day … 225.00
Slim & Sexy : 7 Days
Please Provide 24 hours notice for a cleanse order or cancellation.