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Pure Juz is a locally owned and socially responsible juice bar committed to providing the community with the freshest fruit and vegetable juice blends possible. Juices are made fresh from locally sourced produce where possible. Pure Juz is unique in that it adheres to socially responsible business practice’s. They purchase their produce from many local farms and are utilizing services from other local businesses to recycle money in the local community to support economic development. Energy is produced from renewable energy and a minimal amount of waste is produced from the business. The juice byproduct is given to local farms for composting and feedstock. Pure Juz strongly believes that the strength of Worcester depends on collaborative relationships between the business and non-profit communities. A partnership has been created with the Parks Department to maintain the "Iron Bridge" at neighboring Elm Park and 3% of proceeds from every order of juice goes to support Elm Park Community School, a high poverty school. Dante Comparetto also works as Director of Youth Development with StandUp for Kids, a non profit that supports homeless and at risk youth, and intends to prioritize homeless and at-risk youth for hiring decisions. Dante and Martha truly believe that if every business adheres to socially responsible business practices then we would have a stronger city and they hope that their business will lead by example.